Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ruling On Donald Sterling Wife's Attempt to Get Emergency Protection From Him

ESPN reports:
Shelly Sterling's emergency motion to protect herself, her lawyers and two doctors who received threatening voice mails from her estranged husband, Donald Sterling, was denied Thursday by Judge Michael Levanas without prejudice as he did not feel the voice mails rose to a "level of great and irreparable injury."

The judge also told both sides to "tone down the pre-trial communication."

In the voice mail recordings, which were introduced into court, Donald Sterling threatened the medical licenses, jobs and livelihoods of two doctors who declared him mentally incompetent last month. Those declarations empowered Shelly Sterling to sell the Los Angeles Clippers to Steve Ballmer for $2 billion without the consent of her husband.

In a voice mail to Dr. Meril Sue Platzer on June 9, Sterling calls her "a horrible woman," and "nothing but a fraud and a liar and a cheat." He said that he is going to see that she loses her license and says he will sue her for a "large sum."

In a voice mail to Dr. James Edward Spar, also on June 9, Sterling says, "I'll show you what I think of you when I see you in court." He threatens, in a profanity-laced tirade, to get Spar fired from his job at UCLA.

"I'm gonna get you fired from UCLA because you're nothing but a tramp. How dare you let someone use you that way?" Sterling said. "You know, you rely on doctors. You think that they'll be above it all. But obviously you're not. You'll sell yourself for nothing. How dare you? How dare you give my records to a lawyer for the purposes of using it against me?"

Sterling also threatened Shelly Sterling's attorney Pierce O'Donnell in a call on June 9. According to O'Donnell's court statement, Sterling said he was going to "take you out, O'Donnell" and "sue everybody."

In the call with Sterling on June 9, O'Donnell said he asked Sterling why he would not consent to a sale of the team, when he and his lawyers had stated June 4 that he would. O'Donnell said Sterling responded, "Can't a guy change his mind?"

Donald Sterling's lawyer Max Blecher said Thursday of his client, "He's got a short fuse," but "that doesn't mean you're incapacitated or nuts."

Blecher said Sterling was simply angry over the situation and did not mean to threaten or intimidate anyone.

"Personally, I think it's a ploy to put us in a bad light," Blecher said. "It's all over. Nobody is in any danger."

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