Monday, June 23, 2014

Sibel Edmonds On Snowden Story: "It's so fake and so obviously fake, I can't believe people are falling for it"

Dvaid emails:
  Sibel Edmonds is saying that the Snowden story is a fake.  I remember a while back you posted that it could be a method for the CIA to legalize the data they collected.
Yes, I have been suspicious of the Snowden revelations right from the start. See, for example, Why I Am Not Impressed with the Edward Snowden NSA Leaks and  What Has Edward Snowden Accomplished?

Kevink at Daily Paul now writes:
I highly encourage everyone to watch this. Start at 1 hr 5 min 57 sec. Watch until at 1 hr 16 mins 55 secs.

For what it's worth, I agree w/ Sibel. Btw, I'm not saying some good hasn't come out of the Snowden story but I'm just not buying this story.

A few points she made:
-This is a psyop to desensitize people to the spying.

-Snowden hasn't release any new info that previous whistle blowers (e.g. Russ Tice, Bill Binney) hadn't released.

-The media is so obviously compromised but they're covering this story? Seems fishy.

-Hollywood movie to be made about Snowden by same people who made Zero Dark Thirty (which the CIA had a hand in)

-This is the most successful psyop in CIA history, in her opinion.



  1. Skeptics of Snowden would do well to read Glen Greenwald's "No Place to Hide." And as for the claim that Snowden (or more accurately Greenwald and other Snowden document handlers) has not released anything new not previously released by other whistle-blowers, blatently false.

    1. I agree, and the book is great. The big difference between Snowden and the others is that Snowden provided the actual documents, taking it from the realm of conspiracy theory into conspiracy fact.

      That being said, Snowden has confirmed to be CIA, and this could easily be part of an internal CIA/NSA power play, and it could also result in much of the date collection becoming legal. So....

      Stay vigilant, I guess?

    2. Dominick, please give examples of Snowden revelations that were not previously revealed.

  2. Unfortunately, in my opinion as a former account holder and commenter, the Daily Paul is now a den of cognitive infil-traitors, particularly of the anti-capitalist variety. Treat anything that comes from there as a potential pysop in and of itself.

  3. As a former commenter and account holder at Daily Paul, I would advise that the site is full of cognitive infil-traitors, particularly of the anti-capitalist variety. Beware that anything originating from this sit could, in and of itself, be a psy-op.

  4. I believe the most successful (ongoing) psyop is Mockingbird and the branding of "Conspiracy Theories."

  5. Edmonds is seriously mentally ill.