Monday, June 23, 2014

"When It Comes to Raising Taxes the Word 'Never' MUST Be Said"

When it comes to politicians, I don't trust any of them and think there is very little that can be gained by running for office. Most, when they smell the chance for victory, will sell out---just watch the announcement that will be coming from David Brat later this week. There are very few who can run like Ron Paul and not care about the power and winning (SEE: How to Run for Office Like Ron Paul).

With these very serious caveats, I want to highlight an email that was sent to me. It was put out by Michael Anthony Peroutka. He is running as the Republican candidate for the Anne Arundel County Council, District 5 in  Maryand. I don't know anything about Peroutka and what the chances are that he will actually stick to the promises he makes in this email, but I do like what he says in the email:

I’m Michael Anthony Peroutka, Republican candidate for the Anne Arundel County Council, District 5. 
From the moment I decided to run, I've made my position on raising taxes as clear as the finest crystal.
I am completely, totally, unequivocally against any tax increase of any kind.
One of my opponents in this race is Maureen Carr-York, our neighbor and a lady that I admire and respect.
But Maureen and I have an important difference: while I would neverraise your taxes, she’s said something quite different.
Here’s a short, edited audio excerpt of her saying she’s not going to promise to never raise taxes and here’s the original version from her own website; she talks about taxes about five minutes into her speech.
Here is EXACTLY what she has said:
Maureen Carr-York: “I’m not going to say, ‘Don’t you worry, I will NEVER increase a tax.’ Because who of us can really say that?"
Who can really say they will never increase a tax?
Well, I’m Michael Anthony Peroutka and I can.
I can say proudly: I will never increase a tax.
My precise position --- with no ifs, ands or buts --- is that if I am elected, I will NEVER vote for an increase in taxes on anything at any time for any reason.
Let’s be honest : politicians love to say they aren’t going to raise taxes. But they sure seem to keep going up, don’t they?
That’s because candidates usually leave a little wiggle room…just in case. Since they MIGHT raise taxes, guess what? They do.
It’s the oldest trick in the book. They didn’t WANT to raise taxes but someone or some set of events twisted their arm and made them take more of your hard earned dollars.
That’s why I believe when it comes to raising taxes the word “never” MUST be said. That’s what leadership looks like.
So, I’ve said it as clearly as I can. I will NEVER increase your taxes.
Consider it a promise to you, and I want you to hold me to it.
I hope I’ve earned your vote on Tuesday.

Michael Anthony Peroutka

Of course, I would like him to go further and pledge to cutting taxes and be a educational on why cutting taxes is a good thing but I do like the direction he is taking here.



  1. I would prefer a pledge to never vote for an increase in government spending. It doesn't really matter if he vows to never raise taxes. If he continues to vote no for tax increases, but votes yes for massive govt spending (as most/all Republicans do), they will just tax us through inflation.

  2. Peroutka was the Constitution Party Presidential candidate back in 2004.