Friday, June 6, 2014

Speculation Builds on Michelle Obama Senate Run

NBC Chicago reports:
FLOTUS for Senate?
It wasn't that long ago that such a slogan would seem absurd, but political wags are beginning to wonder whether Michelle Obama is mulling a run for Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk's seat in 2016.
Thursday column in Reuters suggests that Obama would be the only candidate with a large enough profile to unseat the Republican.
The column also points to Obama's recent willingness to debate the merits of her school lunch program with Republicans, a trip to China, fundraising and her stance on the kidnapped Nigerian school girls as other signs that her tone is turning more political.
There's also that 2012 Public Polling Policy survey showing the first lady picking up 51 percent of the vote against Kirk's 40 percent if they were to run.
This would follow the Clinton formula: Get Barrack to start making crony money and keep the wifey in politics to cement the notion that any money paid to BO is money for current and future real access.



  1. Probably. In 'the elect a corrupt tool' state, Kirk barely sneaked in last against a busted banker.

  2. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Jeeeeese" - Archie Bunker

  3. Stop this ride. I want to get off.

  4. Ala Alec Baldwin(and his non-kept pledge when W ran), if she every makes POTUS, I'm out of here(a pledge I will keep).
    We now have Dynasties, and yes money machines for those that perpetuate it (at present Bushes, Clintons, soon Obama's).
    God Bless AMERIKA!!!

  5. Based on her Princeton Thesis, my guess is she is an idiot; and looking at recent Presidents that probably means she has a fair shot at the White House.