Monday, June 9, 2014

The Factual Feminist: Feminists as Bigots


  1. Bigots at BEST. Criminals at worst. Considering what they've done i western countries I think it's no stretch at all to say they're guilty of crimes against humanity. After all, they use the government to enforce their twisted ideology on everyone else. They've destroyed relationships and families galore in the process. But that's typical of anything that came out of Communism.

    1. I fully agree with you. Feminists have been advocating for crimes against humanity for decades in the western world. Charlotte Perkins Gilman, for example, believed black people were an inferior race and that black men should be property of the state. She also believed that "inferior" people should be put into gas chambers and put to death for the good of the species. Leftists have always been the worst violators of human rights. Stalin put every war criminal on earth to shame for his capacity to engage in extreme violence and murder and still be regarded as a good person by his people.

      Liberals are idiots and they have no limit to their capacity for evil.