Monday, June 9, 2014

The "Inclusive" Government Schtick

By Chris Rossini

Apparently it's musical chairs time in Egypt. General Sisi who led the military coup last year has been elected President. The former Egyptian President was also democratically elected, but hey, this time they really mean it.

While the Egyptians do the democracy routine, their new President promises a more "inclusive" government. Now what the heck can that mean? Well, you can add the word "inclusive" onto the heaping pile of euphemisms that The State uses to bamboozle the public.

The State is an organization that claims the legal right to use aggression against the innocent. It does all the things that an individual should not do, like rob (taxation & inflation) kidnap (military conscription & truancy laws) and commit mass murder (wars).

Making these practices more "inclusive" is somehow a good thing?

If the State is composed of people that belong to Gang A, Gang B, and Gang C, does it make all of the aggression right? Does adding a black person, white person, asian person, woman, man, straight, or gay make any of the aggression legitimate?

Of course not!

But The State is interested (first and foremost) in its victims believing in its legitimacy. As long as the belief is there, that's all that really matters.

Government can't possibly be "inclusive". Some will aggress, and some will be aggressed against. Some will tax, and others will pay. Everyone can't tax!

What General Sisi is saying is this: "There is too much agitation. So what we're going to do is add some gang members to the aggressing side so that the victims are pacified. It's much better to steal from those who are placid than it is from those who are energetic."

That's all that "inclusive" government means...making the victims calm enough so that you can steal and manipulate their lives easier.

The same game is played in the U.S. I'm sure if you ask Ezra Klein, he'll give you a chart showing how many women are in government, and how there should be a higher percentage, or something along those lines. It's all nonsense. Neither man, nor woman should aggress against their neighbor. There's no multi-cultural or multi-ethnic mix that makes the aggression right.

"Inclusive" government is yet another scam against government's victims.

Chris Rossini is author of Set Money Free: What Every American Needs To Know About The Federal Reserve. Follow @chrisrossini on Twitter.

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