Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another Indication of Establisment Support for Rand Paul

Has Rand Paul been cleared by establishment insiders? It sure looks like it, given WaPo commentary like this, which appeared today:
Watch any NBA or NFL draft, and you will quickly grow nauseous at all the allusions to a particular player's "upside." This little word (which we're not sure actually exists in nature) refers to someone who might be a little undervalued and probably won't excel -- but has all the tools to become a superstar.
In the 2016 Republican presidential race, that player/candidate is Rand Paul.
There is little that surprises in the two new polls of the 2016 Iowa and New Hampshire presidential primaries from NBC News and Marist College. In both states, Hillary Rodham Clinton leads Joe Biden by 50-plus points, and the GOP field is a cluttered mess that is nearly impossible to make heads or tails of.
But dig a little deeper, and you see Paul's potential. Moreso than any other candidate, Paul seems to have real paths to victory in both states -- something that has never happened before. It's far too early to say with any certainty what will happen (and we can't emphasize the limited value of early polling enough) but the potential is clearly there.


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