Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BREAKING: Ukraine Firing Ballistic Missiles

CNN is reporting that, in a major escalation, Ukraine is using ballistic missiles against rebel separatist forces.

It appears that the missiles are  tactical ballistic missile, designed for short-range battlefield use.

Wikipedia reports:
Tactical ballistic missiles fill the gap between conventional rocket artillery and longer-range theatre ballistic missiles. Tactical missiles can carry heavy payloads deep behind enemy lines in comparison to rockets or tube artillery, while having better mobility and less expense than the more strategic theatre missiles. Additionally, due to their mobility, tactical missiles are better suited to responding to developments on the battlefield.

For many nations, tactical missiles represent the upper limit of their land-based military equipment. They can provide a powerful weapon for a very economical price, and in some cases are sought to help level the field against opponents who are clearly superior in other areas of military technology.
It is very likely that Russia will provide more advanced weapons to separatists in response to this escalation.


  1. Replies
    1. What? In case you forgot, Ukraine is a former Soviet state. That essentially means that it, like a lot of the FSU nations, have stockpiles of armaments thanks to the sole national priority of the Soviet Union to amass as many weapons as possible.

      So, I fail to see where "amerika" and "the CIA" come into this.

    2. I'm not sure why you mention "amerika" and "the CIA" in regards to this article. It provides absolutely no insight into the issue at hand and is baseless.

    3. @Jonathan, are you on drugs?

      Who do you think is pulling the strings in Ukraine?

    4. @steveZ, Ever heard of Operation Mockingbird? Jonathan is a participant in it or victim of it.

  2. One can only hope that this is the last straw and that Mr. Putin will now wipe the coup-government in Kiev, led by the choco-puppet oligarch president, from the face of the earth.

    1. Putin is not going to do anything because what the west wants is for Russia to intervene in order to justify a Nato presence in Ukraine. Ukraine is finished and Mr. Wenzel is way off when he says that Russia will provide the same type of weapons to the rebels. Putin is not providing anything directly. You have Cossacks who as they have regularly lived in both southern russia and eastern Ukraine who are openly supporting the rebels. They are the ones who have been providing the rebels with equipment. Ukraine was already a basket case before hostilities broke out but it was being propped up by Russia economically. Now that Ukraine has an association agreement with the EU, you will see EU goods flood Ukraine, and in the not too distant future, Ukraine will default. Now if you consider that in order to bring East Germany up to West Germany's standards it took about €20 billion over 20 YEARS. Ukraine is twice the size of East Germany and unlike the germans, they don't have a culture that enables the level of organisation that you have in Germany. In fact, you have basically different neo nazi mafia groups vying for power. Does anyone seriously think that the EU countries, broke as they are, can support the level of investment in Ukraine to bring it up to western standards? Even their hope to make money from shale gas is a farce, since basically they would need to render most of east ukraine un-livable in order to try and extract the gas and if rates are similar to in the US where gas captured drops off by something like 80% after the first year there is no way to make a profit. So Ukraine could become the new Albania if things continue on their present form.

    2. Where did I ever say that Putin is going to arm the rebels? Where do you get this stuff? I have no idea what Putin is going tol do.