Saturday, July 19, 2014

Carlos Slim Calls for a Three-Day Work Week

Attending a business conference in Paraguay, Mexian billionaire Carlos Slim said it was time for a “radical overhaul” of people’s working lives. Instead of being able to retire at 50 or 60, he says, we should work until we are older – but take more time off as we do so, reports FT.

“People are going to have to work for more years, until they are 70 or 75, and just work three days a week – perhaps 11 hours a day,” he told the conference, according to news agency.

“With three work days a week, we would have more time to relax; for quality of life. Having four days [off] would be very important to generate new entertainment activities and other ways of being occupied.”


  1. The quintessential crony capitalist is now giving advice on labor policy.

  2. Do these psychos ever stop! Mandate a 5 hour work week and Olympic sized pools for EVERYONE!

  3. I think 60% of working age Americans are not working a full time job. So 3 days of work looks to be the future of employment for most people. While so much of what one can do for others is either highly regulated or completely prohibited, it seems reasonable that only 3 days of work are necessary. Full time employment is increasing becoming rarer by the day.