Saturday, July 19, 2014

Equalizers With Guns

By Chris Rossini

As I read the endless cries from the equalizers with guns (by the way, they want to get rid of tipping now because it encourages racism, classism, and poverty), I thank goodness that we can't possibly live in their utopian world.

Sure, they can definitely be a nuisance with their never ending stream of politically correct rules and approved thoughts, but the human mind cannot be boxed in. There are workarounds to everything and people ultimately do what they really want.

But just as a thought experiment, what would the world look like if I were the benchmark that government and their bazookas decided to mold everyone like?

I'll tell you right now, we can all be thankful that it's impossible!

If everyone were just like me, it would mean we'd all perceive and interpret the world like me, and have the same train of thoughts like I have had leading up to this moment. What the heck would we talk about? We'd all know the same facts and have the same desires.

I wake up in a bed every morning. I don't know how to manufacture a bed! Who would make the beds?

My morning coffee? I have no idea of the thousands and thousands of steps that were taken to get it into my supermarket. Speaking of supermarkets, I can't create and run those either. If government forced everyone to be like me, we're in deep trouble already!

Cars, computers, cell phones...Don't look to me for those. If you get sick? Sorry I can't help.

I think the point has been made. Thank goodness everyone is not like me. Thank goodness we're all unique, with different skills, likes and dislikes. Thank goodness I like brunettes, and everyone else is free to like blondes, reds, grays, blacks and whites. Thank goodness I can't force you to like brunettes, or to hire brunettes, or to give a "living wage" to brunettes, or make sure that 42.6% of your board of directors are composed of brunettes.

Those people are out there though. They want to force, and force, and force. They want their thumb on who you like, what you like, what you say, and what you think!

It can't be done, but what a nuisance.

Chris Rossini is author of Set Money Free: What Every American Needs To Know About The Federal Reserve. Follow @chrisrossini on Twitter.

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