Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Excellent! Americans Aren't Rocking The Vote

By Chris Rossini

The Washington Post reports:
Of the 123 million people eligible to vote in the country's primaries so far, only 18 million have bothered to do so -- 14.6 percent, according to analysis from the Center for the Study of the American Electorate reported by the Associated Press. That's not all registered voters, mind you, but every American who could vote. But didn't.
I view this as a positive sign for several reasons. First, government wastes a lot of taxpayer money on voting propaganda, and Post is saying that Americans are basically thumbing their noses.

Second, in my opinion there are way too many Americans who believe that they are free because they have the ability to vote. That leads to the next point: government schools fill innocent kid's minds with such ridiculous ideas. Those same kids salute a flag (!!) everyday of their sentences, and end up as adults who take off their caps at sporting events to show their allegiance to the very same flag.

This religion is held up on the rickety foundation known as voting. Governments have always struggled to come up with ways to appear legitimate to their victims. They've attached themselves to the church and have called themselves gods. They've called themselves Kings and have scribbled countless promises (i.e., lies) on pieces of paper called constitutions. And yet, nothing sufficed. Power remained fleeting.

Enter voting.

What if the victims had a choice as to who their master would be? What if the victims were also bombarded with messages that having such a choice equaled freedom? Can there be anything better than victims who believe they are free? If you're hungry for power, that's a slam dunk!

In fact, the American "elites" got so pumped up about the idea greed kicked in. A couple of hundred million believers were not enough. What if victims from all over the world could be convinced that voting equaled freedom? Actually, heck with convincing, what if the whole world was forced militarily into believing that voting equaled freedom?

Obviously, that hasn't worked out, and as the Washington Post reports, the "sacred right" is losing its luster here as well. The victims are starting to see that voting doesn't matter one iota. If only 14.6% are performing the ritual, that's the equivalent to saying "Why bother?"

That doesn't mean that Americans are ready to accept the ideas of liberty, and the truth that we're all naturally born as free individuals. But, it is really nice to see the voting sacrament take it on the chin.

Chris Rossini is author of Set Money Free: What Every American Needs To Know About The Federal Reserve. Follow @chrisrossini on Twitter.

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