Thursday, July 24, 2014

Government And Its Endless Pleas For "Unity"

By Chris Rossini

In Indonesia, president-elect Jokowi pleas:
"With humility, we ask the go back to a united Indonesia."
Meanwhile, back here at Empire Central, a little more panache is added to the same request:
Government always wants "unity". It's like a mugger who wishes his victim would just stay still for a second so that the wallet can be removed much easier. Resistance is nothing but a pain in the behind!

Fortunately, it's no dice for the State. There can never be total unity. Those who are expropriated will always seek to resist those who are doing the expropriating. The best that the current gang of looters can hope for is to squeeze out whatever they can during their terms.

Unity resides in peace. No one is legally allowed to expropriate and aggress against anyone else.

On the other hand, government that has the ability to use aggressive force, is by definition conflict. And as the last several hundred years have proven, the most vile conflict that anyone can imagine.


  1. Unity: do what we say peon!!! Or we'll kill you or throw you in a cage. Piss off joe!

  2. Yes, but if they don't achieve unity, who will build the roads? /sarcasm