Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Guess What Happened to that Guy Who Claimed His Father Owned "Half of Fucking Manhattan?"

Gerry Shalam, the 20-year-old NYU student caught on camera pretending to be the heir to a massive real estate empire—"half of fucking Manhattan," is now an intern with Judge Esther Morgenstern of Brooklyn's Integrated Domestic Violence Court, reports NyPo.

A few weeks back, Shalam and foriends, including one who was very drunk, were videotaped by a passerby. He told the videotaper that he came from a wealthy real estate family that had influence with the NYPD and Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

“Do you want me to call f–king Bill de Blasio on you right now? He’s a f–king liberal, but I’ll f–king call him.”

When asked his name, Shalam responded, “Gerry Adjmi,” adding later that “I’m a fucking lawyer.”

The video (below) went vial.

Shalam used a phony surname because it is his friend--who collapses to the pavement at one point--is himself an Adjmi, a wealthy New York real estate family. In the real world,Shalam's father Lou is a garment industry executive, and his mother Frieda is an event coordinator and member of the Allenhurst Borough zoning and planning board.  But it does appear he does have low level government connections to land the internship.

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