Monday, July 21, 2014

How Libertarians Will Know They Have Won

In part of an email, William Steven writes:
[T]yping "Rothbard" on my Galaxy auto corrects to "Rothschild", too creepy
I replied:

We will know we have won when they start correcting to Rothbard for Rothschild.


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  1. Carlyle Group Homeland Security Franchise Adds Palantir Tech Advisor

    Monument Capital Group Holding's advisory board reads like a Carlyle Group legends list. It includes James A. Baker, III, Frank Carlucci, Thomas F. "Mac" McClarty, III and Mustafa V. KoƧ. Monument Capital added a new Senior Advisor from Palantir Technology, the group that ensures Davos and Bilderberg attendees are kept safe and sound from mere common folk.

    Michael Leiter is Head of Global Government, Cyber Operations and Senior Counselor to the CEO of Palantir Technologies. From 2007 to 2011 he was Director of the United States National Counterterrorism Centre. Mr Leiter has joined MCGH as a Senior Advisor. He will work the MCGH team to provide analysis of the changing global cyber security space and help to inform the firms' target market and acquisition strategy.

    PEU's go where the money is, hire ex-government insiders to steer strategy and acquisition of government contracts. Monument Capital wants to make big money off spying. A younger Thomas Jefferson would be appalled, the older version, not so much.

    Latest Round of Funding Values Palantir, the CIA's Favorite Startup, at $9 Billion