Saturday, July 19, 2014

Man Arrested For Asking Cops a Question

I continue to believe that direct confrontation with the government is a losing strategy in most cases. I will have more on this tomorrow when I review the important book,  Two Cheers for Anarchism

In the meantime, here is a clip out of Monroe County, New York, which shows police arresting a man who questioned why officers were all taking their break at the same time.

Ryan Conklin entered Henrietta Hots diner just before 2am on July 4th before three Monroe County sheriff’s deputies arrived. Conklin asked the deputies why they were all taking their break at the same time when drunk drivers could be leaving local bars.

“I simply asked three Monroe County Sheriffs, why they all were all at Henrietta Hots when it is a busy holiday weekend, and I suggested they be split up and police the area, taking staggered breaks,” said Conklin, according to Infowars.


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