Sunday, July 13, 2014

More Than 43 Suspected Mistresses Found in RFK Jr.’s Cellphone

NyPo has the dirt:
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. kept a list of dozens of women filed under the letter “G” in his cellphone, a code that his late wife believed stood for “goomah,” the Italian slang for mistress...

There were so many women, some with the same first name, that they had to be distinguished by profession or city.

While Kennedy didn’t have a gal in every port, he did seem to have friends in many places. At least five women were from Toronto; one was in Paris; others were in Palm Beach, Fla., Alaska, Aspen, Colo., Miami, Montreal, Cleveland and Pensacola, Fla. One woman had the notation “airplane” after her name, another “farm,” and another “teacher.” One was cryptically known as “Z.”

Richardson believed her philandering husband also used aliases to hide his own identity when traveling. “Robert Strong” was a favorite pseudonym, she told her friend..

There were 43 names and numbers on the “G” list, which was alphabetical by first name. Another list had names but no phone numbers..
 In May 2010, Kennedy was named one of's "Heroes for the Planet."  He is author of the children's book, Saint Francis of Assisi: A Life of Joy.


  1. The man knew how to have fun but 43 of them?

  2. "G" for "goomah?"

    As an Italian, I find an arch Irish as anyone from the Kennedy family to even think that's what it means not only hilarious, but delicious just desserts.