Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Tiny Effort to Get Some Military to Break the Law

On my way back from breakfast, I passed these five. As I passed, I caught them talking snipers and insurgents, with a military clip to their voices. So I slowed to catch a bit more of the conversation. There wasn't much that was reportable. They were talking about some guy they knew who apparently showed up for an undercover operation in clothes that made him look ridiculous for the undercover operation and would make him stand out rather than inconspicuous.

As we walked, we came to a traffic light. It was a long light and we were all standing there waiting for the light to change, when I thought to myself, this might be a good time for some anarchist calisthenics. I wondered if I jaywalked, if they would follow me in the minor lawbreaking. So I crossed the street against the light and then sure enough military intelligence marched with me.

I have no idea who this group is, or even if they really are military intelligence, but I sure got that feel and I am real curious as to what they really might be up to in SF.



  1. They were probably talking about Call of Duty.

  2. Be careful. Police are handing out $200 jay walking tickets like free candy.

    Kurt Metzger - White Precious - Jaywalking Ticket