Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nixon's Secrets Revealed

Roger Stone's new book, Nixon's Secrets, looks as though it is going to be a must read, page turner.

Roger emails to say it will reveal:

- How  Nixon was rejected in his application to be an FBI Agent

-How Nixon exercised two hours every day and ate healthy before it was fashionable.

- How the Mob financed Nixon's early campaigns as well as funding LBJ and JFK and Stevenson

-how Nixon refused to make the affair of his opponent Congresswoman Helen Douglas with Lyndon Johnson an issue in the 1950 Senate Race

-How the Bush family helped Nixon's rise and how George Bush's circle financed the Watergate break-in and how $100 bills found on the Watergate Burglars were traced to the Texas through a Mexican Bank.

-How Nixon agreed to sabotage Earl Warren’s Presidential ambitions in return for the Vice Presidential nomination with Eisenhower

-How Nixon approved the Assassination of Fidel Castro but the CIA failed

-How Nixon lost the famous 1960 debate with Kennedy and why JFK was high on meth

-How Robert Kennedy bugged Nixon's hotel room before a JFK-Nixon debate

-How the Kennedy's bugged the Republican National Committee and didn't get caught

-How Jimmy Hoffa and the mob gave Nixon $1 million

-How Nixon's shrink's office was burglarized to steal his medical records

-How the 1960 race for President was stolen from Nixon in Chicago ......and Texas and how Kennedy running mate Lyndon Johnson did the stealing.

-How Nixon put the moves on Jackie Kennedy one night in 1953

-How a secret loan from reclusive industrialist Howard Hughes cost Nixon the California Governorship

-How Nixon knew who really killed JFK and why Nixon was in Dallas on November 22, 1963

-Nixon’s secret meeting with LBJ- the day before Kennedy is murdered.

-How Nixon knew Jack Ruby...and who got Ruby on the US Congress payroll as an informant.

-How the death of John Kennedy revived the political career of Richard Nixon

-How the FBI spied on Nixon and a mysterious Asian woman Nixon had a relationship with  and how J. Edgar Hoover would use the photos to threaten Nixon .

-How Roger Ailes re-invented the 'New Nixon" for Television

-How Dr. Henry Kissinger, a known Nixon hater working for LBJ, tipped Nixon off about LBJ’s surprise Vietnam Bombing Halt by passing the message to Nixon through Bill Buckley.

-How Nixon  used back channels to kill the Paris Peace Talks when LBJ called a bombing halt in Vietnam without concessions from the North Vietnamese in a effort to stop Nixon's comeback bid. Liberals called it treason, Nixon called it politics.

-The mysterious role of Glamorous Chinese Dragon Lady Anna Chennault and her lover Sen. John Tower in getting the South Vietnamese to kill LBJ’s peace plan.

-How Nixon staged the greatest comeback in American Political history.

-How and Why  Nixon pressed the CIA for the Bay of Pigs records

-How removing the United States from the Gold standard was Nixon's greatest mistake.

-How Nixon launched the still unsuccessful war on drugs

-How close Nixon came to putting Arlen Specter on the US Supreme Court

- How Nixon opened the door to China and negotiated nuclear arms reductions over objections from the CIA and pentagon hard-liners and why the military spied on Nixon as President .

-How a CIA assassin admitted the CIA planned twice to assassinate Nixon in Miami as they had JFK in Dallas

-How John Dean conceived, planned, pushed and covered up Watergate break-in and lied to Nixon about it.

-What the Watergate burglars were really looking for

-How at least four of the Watergate burglars were on the ground in Dallas when JFK was killed and involved in the Bay of pigs invasion

-How the CIA infiltrated and sabotaged the Watergate break-in

-Why Hillary Clinton was fired from the House Impeachment Staff for lying.

-How Nixon knew what Warren Commission member Gerald Ford had done to facilitate the JFK murder cover-up

- Why the media ignores other gaps in the Watergate tapes

-Why there is no Deep Throat and who really leaked to Bob Woodward

-Why White House Chief of Staff Al Haig joked Nixon was secretly gay

-How it was Haig, not Dean who took Nixon down.

-How Dr. Henry Kissinger covered up his own crimes and switched sides  to hide them.

-How Nixon was taken down by the CIA, Pentagon and his own top Aides after he refused to use American Power in the Middle East in a tilt to the Arabs.

- How Nixon saved State of Israel by projecting American power.

-Why Nixon had Ford by the balls and how Nixon got a deal for a pardon for his Watergate crimes before he resigned by holding Ford’s role as a member of the Warren Commission and the cover up of JFK’s murder.

-How Nixon sabotaged Ford's re-election in 1976

- Nixon’s real view of George H. W. Bush and why Kissinger said  Bush was dumb.

-How Nixon and President Bill Clinton got together after Hillary Clinton repeatedly blocked Nixon from the Clinton White House and how America benefited


-What was said in the famous 18 ½ minute erasure in the White House Tapes


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  1. Juicy stuff. Maybe some of the "CIA wasn't involved" will listen.