Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Anti-Empire Song of Freedom: Edvard Grieg's Piano Concert in A Minor

Politicians in Germany are now playing classical music during their meetings.

British MPs who sit on the spying committee had become so concerned that US agents might listen in to their discussions that they had ordered classical music to be played, to drown out the discussions, reports UK's The Independent.
On arrival at the meeting, The Suddetusche Zeitung reported that for "security reasons" MPs had to put their mobile phones and computers into a large metal box to ensure that they were not subjected to outside surveillance.

"Then the committee chairman, Patrick Sensburg switched the music on," a source told the paper. "Edvard Grieg's piano concert in A minor. Just for security."

Sensburg, head of a parliamentary inquiry investigating US National Security Agency spying in Germany, also said MPs were seriously thinking about ending the use of computers.

"Of course we have to keep our internal communication secure, send encrypted emails, use encrypted telephones and other things, which I'm not going to say here," he told ARD television.

When asked whether the committee members had considered swapping iPads and computers for manual typewriters, Sensburg added: "Definitely we have thought about using manual typewriters."

Any efforts by anyone, including a foreign government, to attempt to evade the Empire in anyway are positive steps for freedom. It provides an atmosphere that encourages evasion and personal secession.


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  1. Going well out of your way to inconvenience yourself (trying to whisper over classical music, manual typewriters, seriously?) is not "an attempt to evade the empire." It's basically more along the lines of "letting the terrorists win."

    I'd be happier if these people just went about their business and ignored the US Govt. Just have your normal conversation and throw in a "F--- you, NSA" every few sentences.