Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Ron Paul Institute Gets Noticed

The mainstream economics journalist and former Boston Globe columnist David Warsh writes:
It is a busy summer.  Economic Principals has many pots upon the stove and relatively little time to read the papers. That seems just as well most days. The news from Gaza, Ukraine, and the southern border of the US is uniformly heartbreaking.
I do, however, find time to look at Johnson’s Russia Listwhenever a new edition arrives.
David Johnson, EP readers may remember, is a longtime student of the former Soviet Union who since 1996 has tracked, more or less daily, what is written about Russia in the Western and the English-language Russian press. Johnson faithfully reproduces virtually all points of view, and only occasionally and gently intrudes his own, in the form of short precedes to the list.
““What we need is a comparative analysis of current levels of ‘nationalist hysteria’ in Kiev and Moscow so that an informed comparison can be made…. Where is I. F. Stone when we need him?” Johnson asked the other day, reflecting the fact that no persistent voice has yet emerged critical of the US stance. (I notice, though, that he  has begun to occasionally list relevant items  from the Ron Paul Institute.)

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