Tuesday, August 12, 2014

61 Census Bureau Data-Collecting Laptops 'Misplaced' Just Before 2012 Re-Election of Obama

By John Crudele

Just two months before the last presidential election, the Census Bureau’s Philadelphia office lost track of 61 laptops used by its workers to record unemployment and inflation data, The Post has learned.

More than 120 laptops had been missing, but after Census HQ told officials in the Philly office that September to investigate the situation, all but the 61 were found.

Eleven of the missing 61 computers were assigned to Census supervisors, internal e-mails reveal. That is key because supervisors have the ability to change unemployment survey responses obtained by Census field reps and cover data falsifications.

We already know statistics about the unemployment rate and the consumer price index had been manipulated years earlier in the Philly Census office. And I’ve already told you about sources who have claimed that falsification was going on in other Census regions and in Philadelphia around the time of President Obama’s re-election effort.

The e-mails I received from Census — thanks to the Freedom of Information Act — are more evidence that there was something amiss at the agency, which releases information that is so important to the Federal Reserve, financial markets, corporations and retirees, whose annual inflation adjustments are based on the work down by Census field reps.

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