Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Message of "Thanks"............

Charles Reece emails:

Dear Mr. Wenzel, 

My name is Charles Reece, and I'm a middle-aged African-American male who resides in Washington, DC.   I happened to get your website  indirectly, from Alex Jones' own website; that being

Thank you for writing your articles on Ebola; since it always, strangely seem, that all of these "plagues" supposedly "originate" from Africa.  But just like you, many Black Americans suspect the U.S. Government, via the CIA and/or the Department of Defense deliberately conducting BIO-WARFARE experiments  as well as GENOCIDE itself  on people of color; particularly those "persons" of the Negroid Race, such as myself.

I want to just say "thank you" for standing up for the "Black Race" in America – and in Africa – given that there has indeed been a "genocidal plot", for decades, on the part of the U.S. Government  via the Bilderbergs, to DEPOPULATE the Earth of "people of color", especially people of African descent, or the peoples of the Negroid Race. 
Mr. Wenzel, it is quite obvious to those who keep up with the shenanigans of the Bilderbergers; that being, of course, the "Shadow Government" – or the "White Aristocracy" – of the U.S., is extremely PARANOID of the very PRESENCE of "people of color" around the world; because, supposedly, non-white human beings will somehow "INTERFERE" with all of the Bilderbergers' financial interests deriving out of exploitation of the raw materials and natural resources that just, uncoincidentally, happened to be found in the very countries – that being, Third World countries – of which are indeed inhabited by non-whites; being former colonial subjects to the "mother countries" of Western Europe that once had these same colonies under white domination.
So, in the irrational logic of thinking of the Bilderbergers; THAT, in order to "make sure" that they may CONTINUE to "rip-off" their former mineral-rich colonies of the Third World; that accordingly, in their own perverted irrational minds, the Bilderbergers feel that they must "kill off" as many "people-of-color" as they possibly can; so as to, in their own faulty way of thinking, PREVENT as many of these same non-white folks from ever "coming together" to finally get the greedy aristocracies of the U.S. and Western Europe out of the internal affairs of their respective nations; and thereby make themselves finally FREE – financially – for charting the course of the PROSPERITY for their own respective peoples' nations; such as what Fidel Castro and Muammar Gaddafi had done with their OWN respective nations [that being, Cuba and Libya]. And by the way, why these same Third-World leaders themselves have always been “targets” of political assassinations by the West itself. And thus, Uncle Sam's (and the West's) "interest" in Population Control!!

By the way, read down below.  Reminiscent of what's going on now, with Ebola!

Movie, "The Andromeda Strain" (1971)

Scene on "Charles And Ruth At USDA Research Center"

Scene on how the actors discover the U.S. Military's culpability in genetically-engineering "Andromeda"; reminiscent of what's going on now, with Ebola!

Two web articles from

"The US Military and the Ebola Outbreak"
Thursday, August 7, 2014

"A Link Between the Ebola Outbreak and a US Bioweapons Lab?"
Sunday, July 27, 2014


  1. My fear is that Mr Reece is right on Ebola and the involvement of sinister forces in the recent outbreak. I think some of his analysis is flawed, but in practice correct.

    I've read some sobering examinations of what is happening in West Africa, and I think the current propaganda of "we can control this and keep it in Africa" is bullshit. I think there is a good chance that NYC, London, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Budapest, etc. will have active cases soon enough...and that's it.

    ELE- Extinction Level Event.

    If a few million die, that will become billions, the grid breaks down, panic, chaos, war, famine, pestilence then...Death. The Fourth Horseman.

    I pray I'm wrong, but the currently exponential spread is...troubling. I always thought the banks would be our undoing. Such hubris.

  2. I don't think of the US state, or any state for that matter, in racial terms. They are equal opportunity oppressors.

  3. He is right to suspect that Ebola and other things may have bio-warfare roots or modification. There's a lot of interesting things that seem to happen in Africa. Far too many for random chance. But he goes a little too "Alex Jones" with the rest. That turns people off. Also the desired world of this ruling class, for lack of a better term, will see probably everyone but them and a small servant class dead. And that's where I don't understand it. The technology will collapse at the sort of numbers we hear of in the population reduction plans. It will go on for awhile but it will eventually collapse.

    1. JJM-

      I was rather blasé about Ebola this morning. Had a GREAT day, and a great weekend.

      Then I started looking at some details. The spread. The cities. The slums. The flights. The borders. The rich. The ex-pats. The (lack of) medical workers.

      The international flights, tangential to west Africa.

      Then I remembered how competent and effective and capable our US government is and extrapolated from that and realized we are FUCKED.

  4. I can't tell whether Wenzel is holding this up as an example of thanks or as an example of paranoid delusion.