Wednesday, August 20, 2014

An Open Letter to Senator Senator Schatz Who Thanks Me for My Help and Wants to Expand the Broke Social Security System

Dear Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii,

You just included me in a mass email, where you write:
I want to thank you for everything you did to help me win the Hawai'i U.S. Senate Democratic primary a few days ago. I couldn't have done it without your phone calls and your donations.
You better start buying new marketing lists. Not only have I never made any phone calls for you and never donated to your campaign, I consider you a criminal, as are all current members of Congress, and I wouldn't mind seeing you prosecuted and locked up for a very long time.

You have violated the Constitution, that you claim to uphold, in so many ways that it is very difficult to keep track. You support  massive federal government intrusions into the daily lives of most Americans, you are a serious impediment  to those who value liberty. Your official web site page which lists your press releases is nothing but a long list of intrusions into  people's lives and a violation of any common sense reading of the Constitution:

July 2014
Schatz Announces Federal Funding To Rebuild Mauna Loa Observatory Road
Schatz Praises Bipartisan Agreement To Improve Accountability And Expand Access To Health Care At The VA
Schatz Announces More Than $8 Million For Hawai‘i Security And Emergency Preparedness Activities
Senate Committee Passes Schatz-Cosponsored Legislation To Boost Tourism
FAA Says Honolulu Ordinance Banning Aerial Advertising Remains Valid in Dispute with Aerial Banners
Schatz Applauds President Obama’s Executive Order To Protect LGBT Federal Contract Workers From Discrimination
Schatz Announces $3.5 Million Investment In Hawai‘i Algal Biofuel
Schatz, IAM Announce 220 United Jobs Saved In Kahului, Kona, and Lihue
Schatz Cosponsors Legislation To Overturn Supreme Court Ruling That Blocked Women's Access To Health Care
Schatz Announces Federal Funds For UH Nursing Program
Schatz Announces Federal Funding For UH Research And Collaboration
June 2014
Schatz Calls Supreme Court Ruling Blocking Women’s Access To Health Care Disappointing
Schatz Congratulates Hawai‘i’s Esther Kia‘aina On Presidential Appointment
Schatz Works With State Department To Grow Tourism
Schatz Announces More Than $1.75 Million To Help Hawai‘i’s Unemployed
Schatz Announces Federal Funding To Improve Monitoring Of Kilauea
Schatz Works To Include Funding For Hawai‘i Programs In Job-Training Bill
Schatz Announces $5 Million For Honolulu Public Transit
$250 Million Granted To Honolulu Rail Transit
Senate Appropriations Committee Approves $16.7 Million For East-West Center
I repeat, you are a criminal and if there was any justice, you would be prosecuted for the intrusions on liberty that you proudly flash like Boy Scout merit badges.

As for your insane call for the expansion of Social Security in the same email you sent me:
One of the main reasons I won -- and a big factor in DFA's decision to endorse me -- is my support for protecting and expanding Social Security. At a time when more and more Americans are struggling to afford retirement, expanding Social Security is essential to reducing inequality and helping older Americans stay out of poverty.

My victory proves that Social Security expansion is not only good policy, it's good politics. We can maintain Democratic control of the Senate and send more progressives to Congress if we can convince more Democrats to come out in favor of expanding Social Security.
Yeah, you are correct, it is "good politics" to call for "reducing equality," but it is extremely dangerous. You can forcefully take money from some people and give it to others, but you have to have a very nutty view of the world to think this won't reduce incentives for those who are driven to make money by being productive and at the same time to incentivize others not to be productive, but to live by demanding you vote for more extractions from the productive class. It is a prescription for the collapse of the standard of living, a collapse which is already making it difficult for many to afford to pay for basics such as food and rent.

In other words, do not count on me to donate to support your violations of the Constitution and don't expect me to make any phone calls on your behalf. In my view, you should quit politics and try and earn a decent living by being productive somewhere in the private sector.


Robert Wenzel
Editor & Publisher


  1. bad luck, Rob, i have stolen your idea (and letter) and will send to all the jackasses that pester me looking for my help.

  2. Since you admit to having stolen an idea, does that mean you're proud of being a thief?

    1. in this case and only in this case....yes. Yes I am.