Saturday, August 16, 2014

Attention Black People of Ferguson, Missouri!

Thomas DiLorenzo writes:
Trust in your local, state, and federal governments!  More importantly, keep voting in every election to legitimize and validate all that they do.  And just forget about the fact that it was that very government that shot and killed a young black man in cold blood just last week.  Forget about the fact that it is the federal government that has militarized your local black-teenager-murdering police with machine guns, tanks, and other weaponry of a modern invading army.   The government will take care of everything.  And don’t forget to vote.
That is the moronic message delivered to the people of Ferguson by the idiotic congresscritter “Lacy” Clay and his trusty sidekick the Reverennnnnnnnnnnnd Jesse Jackson.  (Thanks to Roland W. for the link).
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  1. Fuck Sharpton, Jackson, Farrahkhan and the rest of those left statists.

  2. A friend tried to defend the police in light of the looting and video of the murdered young man committing a crime.

    "So, the cop was right to kill an unarmed man in cold blood?"