Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Sad State of Millennial Understanding About the Evil Done by Governments

Smaul gld emails:
Reason Rupe Spring 2014 Millennial Poll

45% of Millennials think the government should "Prohibit" or "Mostly Prohibit" #Bitcoin

33% of Millennial Libertarians believe government has a responsibility to reduce the income gap

23% of Millennial Libertarians want socialism


  1. Bad news, but I'm not all that surprised. I'm assuming most millennials don't own property and pay little taxes.

  2. If a libertarian wants socialism, is that person still a libertarian?

    1. Depending on your definition
      Research joseph dejacque

    2. Depends, if said libertarian and others mutually and voluntary agree to share their reasources for the collective then it's still libertarian. If there is force, for example one of the people in the group decides to leave the voluntary collective but the others wont let him, then it's a violation of NAP

    3. Libertarian socialism could happen in a hypothetical world in which people don't act like human beings. Otherwise it is impossible.

      Every form of socialism that I need requires the state to enforce socialism over the objections of unwilling participants. Two days ago I was in North Korea. That was something else.

  3. Jonah Goldberg, who is wrong most of the time, had a pretty good article on this.
    America’s Selective Libertarianism: (

  4. The definition of libertarianism is non-aggression unless set upon by an aggressor - at least that is the ideal toward which to aspire. Therefore, any one calling themselves libertarian while harboring designs for systems via government aggression cannot be. Can they?

    It seems very much like libertarianism has become popular enough where it must be redefined so as to be absorbed into the crony collective.

    "When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom." - Confucius

  5. More proof that self identification is meaningless.