Friday, August 15, 2014

Behind the Indictment of Rick Perry: Lehmberg's Revenge?

As I reported earlier, Texas Governor Rick Perry has been indicted by a Texas grand jury (SEE: BREAKING: Rick Perry Indicted).

The charges stem from Perry carrying out a threat to veto funding for state prosecutors investigating public corruption, which is run by Travis County Democratic District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg’s office.

He based his veto on the fact that in April 2013 Lehmberg was arrested for drunken driving. The below video was made at the time of her arrest:

Perry said she should resign and that he would veto public corruption investigation unit funds if she did not.

Her blood-alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit for driving and she eventually pleaded guilty but did not resign her position. Perry carried out his promise and vetoed the unit's funds.

The jail video led to an investigation of Lehmberg by a separate grand jury, which decided she should not be removed for official misconduct.

Now, Perry finds himself under indictment for the veto.


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  1. So Perry is facing charges for the sort of thing that happens every day. Just like Blago.
    The joys of selective enforcement.