Monday, August 11, 2014

Every Time I see a DARPA Robot Or Hear of Drone-Strikes, I Harken Back to the Film 'Hardware.'

An EPJ reader emails:
Everyone liked the Terminator films. Not many are familiar with the film Hardware. Every time I see a DARPA (Google) robot or other new robot tech., or hear of drone-strikes. I harken back to the film Hardware. While its special effects are not of Terminator calibur and its budget was low, I feel it's a better film. Where Terminator was a struggle for mankind, Hardware gives a feeling of the break-down in relation to the struggle. Don't read the Wikipedia plot of the film as it gives way too much, in the way of spoilers. But do check out the original (changed for the DVD release) move poster there... "YOU CAN'T STOP PROGRESS"...

Apparently it was a struggle to release as non-X rated at the time and a struggle to get it to DVD years later. I suspect it was slated for the memory hole.

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