Thursday, August 28, 2014

Expect More Fireworks (Soon) in the Ron Paul Inc, Secret Payoff Scandal exclusive-It appears that we may be hearing more about the Ron Paul Inc, scandal sooner rather than later.

I have learned that the guilty plea of Kent Sorenson was originally scheduled to be made later this year. For personal reasons, Sorenson was originally given another date when he was to plead guilty. However, in recent days, the government contacted Sorenson's lawyer and told him that Sorenson would have to plead guilty this week.

Something appears to be brewing behind the scenes and it probably isn't good for Ron Paul Inc.

Please keep in mind that as more names associated with the 2012 campaign are brought to the forefront by the government, that the Ron Paul haters will be out in force, trashing Ron Paul. I continue to believe, however, that Dr. Paul was not aware of the lunatic moves being made by some Ron Paul Inc. operators.



  1. Would you agree that Ron Paul, the leader of Ron Paul, Inc., is ultimately responsible for what happens in his name? If not, why not?

  2. Regardless of whether Ron Paul knew about this situation personally, he's responsible for bringing in people like Jesse Benton to run his campaign. There is, at this point, no evidence he was personally involved in this scandal, but he does unfortunately bear much of the responsibility.