Thursday, August 28, 2014

Roger Stone: Hillary Clinton Will Not Run For President

I just completed an interview with Roger Stone for the Robert Wenzel Show that will go up on Sunday here at, at 7:00 AM ET.

The interview is mostly about his new book, Nixon's Secrets: The Rise, Fall, and Untold Truth about the President, Watergate, and the Pardon, but I did get to ask Stone about his take on the 2016 presidential race.

I specifically asked him about his frequent comment that the Democratic race is wide open and that Hillary Clinton will not run. I asked him if he had inside information and he told me that all the dirt is not out on Bill and Hillary and that they are aware that it would come out if Hillary ran. And he said it was not some sex scandal, but much more serious.

During the interview, in the context of the developing Ron Paul Inc. scandal, he outlined for me his rules as to what he would do and not do to advance a candidate that he was working for.

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  1. One wonders what piece of human excrement the puppet masters will select for us peons?

  2. Hillary is tired and her lust for power is somewhat abated, certainly less than it was in the 80s during their ascendancy. Plus I'm not convinced she is all that healthy.

    1. I don't think its anything to do with her being tired. Suspect those people have decided "you know there's to much Flak with that one" they'll be looking for Barry 2.0

  3. The US is going to be in such a mess by then, thanks mainly to the Obama train wreck, I can't see anyone wanting the job.