Thursday, August 7, 2014

George Soros Met With White House Climate Adviser (Talking $$Green?)

The only thing we know for sure about "climate change" is that crony capitalists are going to make a lot of green off of the shaky theory.

George Soros met with President Barack Obama's climate adviser John Podesta earlier this year, reports NewsMax.

Also attending, according to White House visitor logs, was Michael Vachon, a top Soros lieutenant, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Another name to pop up on the logs, according to NewsMax,  is billionaire  Tom Steyer, an environmentalist who has been called "the liberal equivalent of the Koch brothers."

White House visitor logs show Steyer also met with Podesta again in March, The Hill reports.

Politico reports that Steyer has visited the White House on at least 12 occasions since 2009 for meetings with top-level administration officials.

Yes, the green is going to pile up.


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