Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Government Police Do Not Offer Protection in All Parts of the City You Are In (A Helpful Private Sector Warning)

I believe it is largely a myth that police protect the general  public. Many factors come into play that make neighborhoods safe (SEE: The Death and Life of Great American Cities). If the police actually protected all residents and visitors, there would be no such thing as sketchy neighborhoods that we have to be wary of.

Now comes along a great new app that flies in the face of government propaganda that police protect us all.

The app, SketchFactor, was launched last Friday (SFC), It ranks neighborhoods on a sketchiness scale of 1  to 5, based on user reports.

The developer says:
It’s kind of like your best friend telling you where to go (cool, weird sculpture) and where to avoid (empty parking lot). A SketchFactor: 1 might be kind of quirky, a SketchFactor: 5 could be dangerous.

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