Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Here is the Average Cost to Rent a Two-Bedroom Apartment in 25 US Metropolitan Areas

These numbers are via Mother Jones. They may actually underestimate the cost of renting, at least in the cities that I am familiar with. San Francisco, Washington DC, New York City and Chicago rents, I believe, are significantly higher for two-bedroom apartments that are available for rent on the open market than what is listed in the below graphic. A San Francisco two-bedroom apartment is very likely to rent for over $3,000 in San Francisco and NYC.



  1. I think they are referring to the total Metropolitan area. So in Los Angeles, areas like South LA, Compton, Linwood, etc probably bring the average down. I've only briefly been to SF, but it seems like there aren't as many low income neighborhoods there, which is why their average is so much higher than the other cities.

    1. That explains the ridiculously low figure for NYC. All 5 boroughs- sure, maybe. Manhattan? 3-4k/month for anything nice. At LEAST!