Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Are Americans Being Set Up For The Iron Fist?

By Chris Rossini

Cartoons like this one are everywhere:

Do a few Google image searches and you'll discover a deluge of jokes and cartoons that run along the same line. While the world burns, the President is out of the office golfing. Instead of 'doing his job' and 'leading,' he's raising money.

That the U.S. government is the cause of the problems remains sufficiently hidden from view. The whole scheme runs on maintaining the belief that there must be a President "decider" or "fixer". The fixes must come from more laws, or more military invasions, or more bone-crushing regulations. Never is the idea of Liberty to be entertained.

Are Americans being set up for a White Knight (or a White Queen) that will "get things done"?

Surely, Republicans can whip up an Iron Fist faster than it takes to scramble some eggs. Meanwhile, The Queen (who has been ever so patient in taking the throne) is now dipping her toes into neocon waters.

Whatever works, right? If 50.1% want someone in the Oval Office 24/7 hammering out mandate after mandate, and "fixing" the world's problems, she can do that!

Americans better enjoy every last moment of Obama's T-times. That's when he's doing the least amount of damage.

The worst scenario imaginable is for the public to want a President to actually turn the screws. Come 2016, there will be no shortage of Iron Fists in waiting:

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  1. the problem is the president steps off the golf course.