Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Here’s How a Distant Relative Could Save Your Life

By Simon Black

Imagine yourself hanging off a cliff, clutching to a single rope.

There you are, dangling over the abyss, completely dependent on the strength of that rope. The rope could fray or it could be cut, and there you would go, tumbling straight down.

So to be safe, you would prefer to have more than one rope connecting your suspended body to safe, stable ground, wouldn’t you? Because at least that way, if something happened to the one rope, you would still have something to hold on to.

For most of us in the world, we are born tethered to a single national identity. The passport is our rope. It’s our lifeline, and we depend on it wholly.

Some are blessed with a strong stable rope, which can enable one to feel secure, travel freely, and do business easily.

However, for some, their ropes are beginning to fray from years of being worn down by debt, corruption, and instability.

For those with
a weak rope, it’s essential to work on getting more as quickly as possible. That means, a second citizenship, which in addition to providing greater safety, can also give you greater freedom to travel, work, and invest.

No matter how strong you think your rope is now, it is always a good idea to get another one.

A number of countries, including the US and France, have recently been exercising their ability to simply cancel citizens’ passports. Cutting off their freedom to travel entirely.

At the very least, it doesn’t hurt to have a back up plan. You’re never worse off by having multiple options at any given time.

There are a number of ways to go about obtaining another citizenship. The top three methods are either by ancestry, money, or time.

Ancestry is by far the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way of obtaining a second citizenship, but most people don’t even realize that it’s an option for them.

Take a quick check down your family line to see if you happen to have any family members that were either Italian, Irish, or Polish.

These are not the only countries to offer citizenship based on ancestry, but they are some of the easiest and can be gained not only from your parents, but even your grandparents or further down the ancestry line.

For each of these three, you will need to compile the necessary documents to prove that your ancestor was a citizen of the country at the time of your birth.

Each country has subtle differences in the acceptability of claims, so I recommend that you find a suitable immigration lawyer in the country to help you through the process.

For members of Sovereign Man: Confidential we recently released a thorough report on the specifics of obtaining Italian citizenship by descent and our personally approved contact on the ground, with extensive experience in helping people through the process—including a unique fast track loophole.

There’s really no reason to delay… you wouldn’t wait until your rope was on its very last thread before you began to look for another one would you?

Having a second citizenship and passport provides you with more freedom and opportunity. It’s the ultimate wild card with which you’re not dependent on only one country. Sometimes it can literally save your life.

Simon Black is Senior Editor, SovereignMan.com

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