Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hillary's Finger-In-The-Wind Response To Ferguson

By Chris Rossini

Hillary finally found the wording she needed:
"We don't want to see our streets look like a war zone. Not in America. We are better than that."
She doesn't say: "American streets are not a war zone. All military equipment given to local police should be destroyed."

She just "doesn't want" local streets to "look like" a war zone.

Very crafty.

Hillary also praised:
"decent and respectful law enforcement officers, who showed what quality law enforcement looked like."
OK...without a market, in which people voluntarily choose among competing defense services, there's no way to know what "quality law enforcement" looks like.

To give an analogy, only after the ability to use FedEx and UPS were we able to see what quality carrier services look like. That the U.S. Postal Service is a humongous loser became even more clear.

Monopolistic/socialistic law enforcement is no different. If economics teaches us anything about state-sanctioned monopolies, it's that you pay through the nose for horrendous quality. And you're forced to do it!

Americans seem to understand these concepts when it comes to something like Comcast. However, when it comes to policing?

Not yet.


  1. Private monopolies, whether true or imagined, are always viewed with suspicion by statists. But what is the largest monopoly of them all? Government, of course. I think they call it cognitive dissonance.

    Either statists are in serious denial or they know what's going on and don't care to tell the truth.

  2. Like any liberal like Hillary (or any conservative for that matter) has any credibility when it comes to being against government jackboots.

  3. "Americans seem to understand these concepts when it comes to something like Comcast. However, when it comes to policing?

    Not yet."

    The reason is indoctrination. Consider Santa Claus. When we are young, we are indoctrinated to believe that Santa Claus exists. At some point, we recognize inconsistencies and irrationalities and we turn to our parents for answers. This is when they stop reinforcing the belief and we stop believing in Santa.

    Belief in the necessity of the State may be questioned but unlike with Santa, every adult around us, the educational system, the news, etc., reinforce the indoctrination. The belief continues to be reinforced by everyone. Those few that do not believe that the State is either necessary or good are viewed as outcasts, both at the dinner table and within academia.

    It is akin to religious indoctrination.

  4. Bill Clinton and her other advisers are very crafty. I expect Hillary to distance herself from Obama and try to win back the white vote. Romney won the white vote overwhelmingly, except for single women. Obama's coalition rested on huge black turnout, single white women, Hispanics, and obviously the liberal base.

    Hillary will try to add the white working class and married white women to this coalition by explicitly dissing Obama and distancing herself from his policies. She will appeal to single women with the dumb birth control issue and mouthing feminist words. Black turnout will be lower but she will try to use Bill Clinton to keep it respectable. Will they turn out the Hispanic vote? It remains to be seen. If Hillary talks tough about the border to appeal to centrist whites, she could lose Hispanic voters. But, Hispanics don't turn out in large numbers anyway.

    What could ruin a Hillary bid for president? Many issues, including her age, her health, her wooden and callous demeanor, her flip-flopping, and her hypocrisy.