Sunday, August 31, 2014

How Scandal Could Touch Rand Paul, McConnell

Here is the take from the establishment newspaper The Courier Journal.

Note well the reference to the establishment Republicans being unhappy. This is the beginning of the destruction of the Ron Paul brand. But the Republican establishment should be careful what they wish for, from what I am hearing, the Republican establishment could get blown up along with the Ron Paul brand as this scandal develops.

The establishment Republicans may have high hopes for the upcoming midterm election, but from what I hear this scandal could blow up right in their face.

 Here's TCJ:
The impact on Rand Paul, however, could be greater than any trouble McConnell might see.

The Sorenson plea goes directly to the heart of the Paul family political network and could make people like Benton and Dimitri Kesari effectively off limits for a presidential campaign.

Kesari was also part of the Paul network and mentioned in documents gathered during an Iowa state ethics probe into the allegations of bribery.

Benton also managed Rand Paul's general election campaign in 2010.

In addition to possibly losing trusted operatives, one Republican told me the biggest problem is that the matter raises concerns among establishment Republicans, who have long had worries about the Paul family operation.

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