Thursday, August 14, 2014

IMPACT: San Francisco's New "No Stretching" Policy, Before and After

Yesterday was the first day I have been in the BART system in San Francisco since police have started to enforce a new "no stretching" policy. (SEE: FINALLY: In San Francisco Police Start Enforcing a Ban on "Stretching").

As I have previously reported, here's what the station looked like in the past.

Here's what the station looked like yesterday, now that the anti-stretching policy is enforce .

I am no fan of government police but if the city is going to employ them, then rousting the filthy smelling vagrants of the BART system is a good job for them.

I will not be surprised if a lawsuit demanding the end of the no stretching policy emerges from the yahoo left  to be filed on behalf of the vagrants to protect the "rights" of the vagrants to make a trip in the system a disgusting event


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  1. or have a sf tech company or other local business sponsor the corridor and use private security to monitor it? using city police only leads to harassment, violence, cover-up and paid leave for the offender.