Thursday, August 14, 2014

Serious Dust Up: Raimondo versus Tucker

The following Twitter exchange took place last night between Justin Raimondo of and Jeffrey Tucker of


  1. The original tweet was from It may have been a staffer posting it. That would explain the source of confusion. The #idiot comment was uncalled for.

  2. I agree that #idiot was uncalled for and shows a lack of class on Raimondo's part. It's possible that there is a history between these two that I'm unaware of.

  3. That's funny. A while ago, I called Cathy Whats-her-face a "tramp" in a tweet to Raimondo and he chided me for it being "un-called for." I disagreed, but apologized for causing unintended offense to someone I admire, namely Justin.

    That being said, I direct you to this:

    It's a "brown bag" seminar at LvMI from a number of years ago with Tucker, Shawn Ritenour, Mark Thornton moderating, along with a few others that I don't recognize. They were discussing an article in the JLS that Gary North penned and Ritenour was offering a response to. During the discussion, Tucker, a converted Catholic, throws around a lot of firm statements about some very heavy philosophical aspects and views of Protestantism. The other participants, who identify as being adherent of various strains of Protestantism, answer the bow-tied one by saying, basically, "you don't know what you're talking about."

    It's hilarious. So, give a listen and see if the "idiot" tag applies or not.