Sunday, August 24, 2014

Iowa Republican: Ron Paul and Rand Paul Have Reason to be Worried

Kevin's Korner at The Iowa Republican reports:
As much as we’d all like to put the Kent Sorenson-Michele Bachmann-Ron Paul debacle behind us, it doesn’t appear we will be able to anytime soon. My clandestine, ubiquitous informants tell me the FBI continues to investigate all the shady dealings with campaign cash. Grand juries have been convened in Iowa and other states and several witnesses have already given testimony …
This mess goes much, much deeper than Kent SorensonAll those involved, including BachmannRon Paul,Rand Paul and the puppet masters of Big Liberty, have reason to be worried.
I have already reported that the Feds are looking at Ron Paul's emails (SEE: Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann Emails Obtained By Investigators Via Subpoenas), although I doubt the Feds will get anything from Dr. Paul's emails other than a good education in libertarian philosophy.

As for Rand, I have no idea what they may or may not have on him. It should be noted that Dimitri Kesari, who is at the epicenter of the Kent Sorenson payoff investigation, has a lot of incentive to co-operate with the Feds and he was Rand's driver during Rand's run for the Senate in Kentucky. Aside from hearing one side of Rand's phone conversations during that period, you can be sure that  if Rand as much as sneezed loudly while in the backseat, it is a good bet that Kesari has told the Feds about it.


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