Monday, August 25, 2014

It's Like Watching A Human Chase Its Tail

By Chris Rossini

Millions of families can't find affordable child care?
How about slashing taxes so that child care is not a necessity? How about removing all the monstrous red tape that exists in setting up a child care facility? The market will supply anything in abundance if the demand exists. Recently a family friend of ours opened a day care. Leviathan literally put her through hell.

Youth unemployment at 20%?
Abolish the minimum wage! Here's Bernie out of the other side of his mouth: “We need to raise the minimum wage to at least $10.10 an hour.”

Cost of college is too high for most?
Abolish government-funded student loans! They jack up prices, and bury kids in lifelong debt! Let me know when Bernie submits that bill.

Oh, and Bernie didn't mention this one, but I will. If you're young and recently lost your health insurance, here was Mr. Helping Senator: "If you have coverage you like, you can keep it.”

If you're young, do yourself a big favor. Make life easier for yourself. NEVER seek help from Bernie Sanders.

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  1. People are under the mistaken impression that people like Sanders and Obama want to make the lot better for the "average American" but they are just going about it the wrong way. Conservatives and Republicans will get nowhere with that attitude. You have to understand that the only lots they care about improving are their own and their cronies. They know exactly what they are doing and the outcomes are exactly what they wish: more power and wealth for themselves and their cronies and a declining middle class which is where any challenge to their hold on power might possibly come from.