Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lincoln’s Racial Views

By Thomas DiLorenzo

The tall tales told by the Lincoln cult get funnier and funnier as more and more Americans learn the truth about their own history (as opposed to the version fed to them by the Lincoln cult).  This time the source of their knee-slapping whoppers is a hilarious attempt to cover up the fact that their hero apparently read and studied a white supremacist screed.
A recent article that appeared in theHuffington Post, FOX news online, the Daily Mail, and elsewhere described how Lincoln’s handwriting had been verified by handwriting experts in an 1854 book entitled Types of Mankind.  According to these news articles, the book argued that the different races developed at different times, and were therefore not susceptible to co-existing or amalgamation.  “The book was used by nineteenth-century white supremacists!,” screamed the articles. 
What on earth was Abraham Lincoln, “Father Abraham,” the eternal friend and savior of the black race, doing with such a book?!  The Lincoln cult quickly swung into action creating an alibi.  The news articles all reported that “Illinois state historians” all “took great pains to offer reassurance that the former president who ended slavery didn’t subscribe to the theories at hand” in the book.  No facts were offered, only painful “reassurances” by these state-funded “historians.”  I don’t know about you, but I’m not feeling especially reassured.
Even one or two of the Lincoln cult’s Big Guns were un-cobwebbed to participate in broadcasting the alibi.  James Cornelius, the curator of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois, “reassured” the media that Lincoln “could foresee the whole country coming apart over the issue that different people could be barred from different things” because of their race.  He therefore would never have believed the things in that book, said the curator.
James Cornelius and the Illinois state historians are full of it and they know it.  These are people who have spent their entire careers reading and cataloguing Abe Lincoln’s political speeches.  They surely must know that Lincoln’s views and, more importantly, his actions as a state legislator, a one-term congressman, a political candidate, and as president, are totally consistent with this and any other white supremacist book of that era.  Consider the following public statements of Lincoln himself from his own Collected Works (CW):

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  1. I do not know why there has been such a determined effort to hide the fact that Lincoln was a white supremacist.