Saturday, August 30, 2014

Longtime Top Google Exec May Become White House Evil Doer

Megan Smith 
Nothing good happens in the world of government intervention and certainly not in the White House office of technology, which is why is is sad to see that Megan Smith is close to becoming the next U.S. Chief Technology Officer.

Smith, who was most recently a vice president at Google’s X lab, is a top candidate for the role of U.S. chief technology officer, reports Bloomberg.

Smith joined Google in 2003. As vice president of business development, according to Bloomberg, she oversaw many of its most important acquisitions, like Keyhole, the service that underlies Google Earth. She has led the company’s philanthropic division,, and served as a co-host for Google’s Solve for X forum, where distinguished thinkers and scientists brainstorm radical technology ideas with Google executives.

Before joining Google, Smith was chief executive officer of Planet Out, a site for gay and lesbian Internet users.


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  1. Her candidacy should satiate the politically-correct crowd.