Sunday, August 10, 2014

Man Has Pure Gold Shirt that is Worth $213,000

Pankaj Parakh owns a pure gold shirt worth about £127,000 (roughly $213,000).He had it custom-made for his 45th birthday, The Independent reports. The shirt, made out of 18-22 carat gold, weighs more than four kilograms (nearly nine pounds), according to The Independent.

The gold itself is 18-22 carat purity, and there have been no other metals used. It is lined with a thin cloth for added comfort

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  1. I have a matching pair of pants that I had cleaned at Central Banks Cleaners. After their recommended "Chairman" service the garment was returned shrunken. They told me the shrinkage is due to gold being a natural fabric and their policy is to offer a replacement garment made of their special fiat fabric.