Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Change of Heart on Changing the Name of the Washington Redskins

I was against the idea of changing the name of the Washington Redskins, when it was first proposed. The name change has been demanded because  it "upsets" certain groups of politically correct American Indian activists and various other busybodies, who just hate freedom and just hate to leave people alone. On further contemplation, however, I am now of the view that America has fallen so deep into a bizarre world of political correctness that it only makes sense that the National Football League team located at the epicenter of political correctness be given a politically correct name, so that at some time, long into the future, a more sane generation can sit back and wonder, "What the hell were those yahoos thinking back in 2014?"

The country is ready.

Here are my Top Ten suggestions for politically correct names for the NFL team located in the heart of a nation of interventionist, politically correct crazies:

10. The Washington African Americans

 9. The Washington Transgenders

 8. The Washington Lesbians

 7. The Washington Public School Teachers

 6. The Washington Keynesians

 5. The Washington Union Pension Fund Managers

 4. The Washington FOMC Members

 3. The Washington Libwaps

 2. The Washington Drone Shooters

 1. The Washington AIPAC Lobbyists



  1. I live in Montana. I have surveyed Native Americans (as they prefer to be called) regarding this issue. And in my reasonably small sample size of 25-30 NA's not one of them gives a damn about the Washington football team being called the Redskins. They are not the least bit offended.

  2. Excellent point.

    Perhaps the Washington Terrorists?

    Do we have to keep "Washington" in the name? After all, George owned slaves.

    The Capital Czars?

  3. The Washington Crackhead Mayors