Thursday, August 14, 2014

New 'Meet the Press' Host Hates Critics of the Fed and Conspiracy Theories

Chuck Todd has been named the new host of Meet the Press

He replaces David Gregory, whose ratings as host have been diving with his bland elitist establishment style.

What can we expect from Todd?

Even greater elitist establishment propaganda, but perhaps with a little less of hidden disdain for those who think for themselves. Todd appears to wear the disdain as an establishment merit badge.

In 2012, Todd had an emotional outburst on the very show he will now be hosting (HuffPo).

Said Todd, when others on the show questioned the curious improved employment number, just before the November election,  "This is really making me crazy. The Federal Reserve gets questioned now for politics these days, the Supreme Court, John Roberts. We have corroded. What we're doing, we're corroding trust in our government in a way, and one time responsible people are doing to control it. And the idea that Donald Trump and Jack Welch, rich people with crazy conspiracy, can get traction on this, is a bad trend."

(ht Jay Stephenson)


  1. The only thing that's corroded is Chuck Todd's brain. What a putz.

    You'd think the geniuses running the antiquated, boring, staid network news would ask themselves, "Our ratings are in the tank. The statist shills aren't bringing in viewers. Let's replace them with different statist shills!"

    Yeah, that's the ticket.

    Short of a taxpayer bailout, the corporate media is going the way of the dinosaurs. Good riddance.

  2. "Short of a taxpayer bailout, the corporate media is going the way of the dinosaurs. Good riddance"

    Damn, I hadn't thought of that. Now I know what's coming.

    "We must bail out the major news networks so we can still know what is happening in the world. Without them we are doomed! Emergency bailout packages in the works!!!"