Sunday, August 17, 2014

NOT GOOD Ron and Rand Paul to Tag Team at LPAC

The Liberty Political Action Conference, which is mostly run by Ron Paul Inc. operators, is pushing aggressively the news that Ron and Rand Paul are going to be major players at LPAC.

LPAC has sent out an email that includes this:
If you’ve already signed up, we’ve got a number of additional events at LPAC 2014 I hope you’ll attend.

On Thursday night, September 18th, we’ll host a private briefing with Senator Rand Paul shortly before his General Session speech...

Friday night, September 19th, we’ll hold a private reception with C4L Chairman Ron Paul before he addresses the General Session....

Dr. Paul will also join a limited number of attendees for a breakfast on Saturday morning, September 20th.
I just hate to see Ron and Rand linked like this. Ron is all about hardcore libertarian principle and Rand is about getting elected. These are two different worlds.

And don't get me started about Ron Paul Inc. operators. The only thing they have managed to do is get government agents crawling all over the 2012 Ron Paul campaign, with grand jury investigations and subpoenas. And, of course, the latest:  Federal government investigators reading Ron Paul's personal emails.


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