Sunday, August 17, 2014

With Feet To The Fire, Rick Perry Reaches For The U.S. Constitution

By Chris Rossini

It always amuses me when modern-day politicians (as well as the mainstream media) reach for the U.S. Constitution. They quite easily ignore the "law of the land" 99.999% of the time. However, if they run into trouble (as Rick Perry has) or if their specials interests are threatened in some way, out comes the Constitution!

It's a total sham.

The Washington Times is quoting Perry this morning with the headline: Perry: Indictment latest example of ‘a government that’s out of control’.

Here's Perry running to the Constitution:
“We’re not securing the border as the Constitution calls for us to. When you add the IRS scandal that’s going on and the outside the rule of law there and then you look at what happened in Austin, Texas, with this grand jury, I think there is some extraordinary concern in this country about the rule of law not being followed and too many things are being decided in arenas that shouldn’t be decided from the standpoint of a government that’s out of control,”
Rick Perry is in trouble, so obviously it must be total mayhem in DC. It's "out of control"!

Constitution!! Constitution!!

Then there's Rick Perry (also today) with a long-winded pro-war editorial in PoliticoMagazine. Perry wants the U.S. government to ramp up attacks on ISIS in Iraq.

ISIS is a group of Islamic terrorists who are steamrolling Iraq now. And as Eric Margolis points out: "Never mind that the US armed and trained ISIS in Jordan to overthrow Syria’s regime". Perry (as well as every other talking head) conveniently leave that juicy detail out of the story.

Here's are some snippets of Mr. Constitution, Rick Perry, in PolitcoMagazine:
- "Clearly more strikes will be necessary, with nothing less than a sustained air campaign to degrade and destroy Islamic State forces."

- "The Iraqi people are up against a terrorist blitzkrieg that so far has gone unchallenged, and will continue unless confronted with the superior power and technology of the United States and our allies."

- "The United States and our allies should launch an immediate airlift to deliver these assets [weapons] to Kurdish forces."
What about the Constitution?

In 1,066 words of warmongering trash, Perry didn't mention the Constitution even once! Congressional declaration of war? Forget about it!

Whenever a politician utters the words "U.S. Constitution," here's what your first thought should be:

"Oh, he must be in some kind of trouble."

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