Friday, August 22, 2014

Rupert Murdoch: Printing Money Isn't Working

By Chris Rossini

They're all failed policies by the way, not "most". The only successful policy would be to get rid of the central banks.

But Rupert is making it known that he's aware of the "printing," and the effects. He's covering himself.

He even tosses out a prescription:
That's all well and good, putting aside the fact that there are no "risky" deregulations. 

But what about the elephant in the room? Did Rupert address the sprawling military empire that is bleeding America financially dry? Does he discuss how "printing money" finances it?

Of course not.


  1. People consider any reduction in regulation to be deregulation. The problem is that there is so much regulation that removing only part of it results in merely different regulation. Regulation is formed in pieces and layers dealing with the distortions caused by previous regulation. Thus the resulting different regulation by removing one piece or one layer could result in disastrous imbalances.

  2. Wondering if Murdoch is suggesting something called…freedom. Central planning has been a gigantic flop. Not that this wasn't predictable. Instead of doing more of the same, maybe we should try what worked in the past.

    When you get the movers and shakers sounding the alarm, you have to figure the crap hitting the fan can't be too far off. When it does, we'll look back on Ferguson, Missouri as the good ol' days.