Saturday, August 16, 2014

Speaking of Al Gore and Fraud....

By Chris Rossini

The Politico headline reads "Al Gore sues Al Jazeera for fraud".

It's funny, because the moment I read that headline, I thought 'Al Gore's a fraud!'

What is a fraud? Google tells us:

  1. wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
  2. a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities

Is that not Al Gore in a nutshell? He has them both covered!

The guy who wants The State to control the weather (!!) and all of us as part of the deal, has made more than a few debased pennies in the process. Let's not forget that while Gore wants us vigilantly monitored so as to not create an unacceptable "carbon footprint." he runs up $30,000 utility bills.

Hey, if Gore wants to run up $100,000 utility bills, I can care less. Just leave the rest of us alone to live our lives as we please. Don't stoop so low as to even start blaming cow farts for the end of the Universe.

What about the second definition of fraud?

Well, there was the "I took the initiative in creating the Internet" thing. Then one of my personal favorites from 2002: "Not long ago, our economy was very strong because we made the right decisions, decisions that reflected our values. Whatever anyone wants to say, I believe Bill Clinton and I did a good job on the economy."

Now, you can get away with that when speaking to the masses, who (especially back then) had no idea about the Federal Reserve. But in these circles, we know a lot better.

We'll stop there. Let's not waste too much time thinking about Al Gore on this summer weekend.
He's just another guy who made a career using The State against his fellow man. Yet another actor who made use of Fear, Fantasy, (and oh yes!)...Fraud.

Chris Rossini is author of Set Money Free: What Every American Needs To Know About The Federal Reserve. Follow @chrisrossini on Twitter.

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  1. I love your angle on this Chris, first defining fraud and then showing how it applies to Gore.

    Kudos to you.

    Too bad we can hire a private agency to bring him to justice for it, eh?

    Keep up good work.