Saturday, August 30, 2014

They are Pushing Mitt Romney (Again)

Edward Klein, author of Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas, writes in NyPo:
The most likely Republican presidential candidate for 2016 is . . . Mitt Romney?
The former Massachusetts governor has run and lost two bids for the White House — in the 2008 Republican primaries and again in the 2012 general election. What’s more, he proved to be a foot-in-mouth candidate who blew his chances of winning in 2012 by writing off 47% of the electorate and suggesting that illegal immigrants “self-deport.”

And yet, establishment insiders in the GOP tell me that the third time may be the charm.
“The smart folks in the party are not committed to any presidential candidate this early,” said Scott Reed, the senior political strategist for the US Chamber of Commerce, the powerful business lobby that has scored a string of establishment victories over Tea Party candidates in this year’s Republican primaries. “But Romney can’t be dismissed as the guy who lost last time.

“You watch him on TV these days, and he’s a new guy with total command of the issues and a real presence,” Reed added. “He could throw an organization together and get the money.”

A wealthy New York-based Republican with close ties to members of the donor class, who spoke to me on the condition of anonymity, wholeheartedly agrees.

“Most of the people I talk to who are involved in Republican politics as donors want a winner,” he told me. “And many of these people are talking about Romney because so many of the things he said in 2012 — about Russia being a ‘geopolitical foe’ and people losing their health insurance under ObamaCare — have come to pass.”

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  1. You can't beat nothing with nothing and Wiillard brings nothing. Anyone can moan about how bad Obamacare is or Putin or Middle East situation but nobody is going to man the barricades to get Republican versions of the usual DC policies enacted.